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No. 305

305.jpg (11847 bytes)This instrument is of the small size, and is fitted with fixed transmitter No. 570, two-magnet generator No. 481, which will ring satisfactorily through the 1000 ohm bell of the instrument and a line resistance of 5000 ohms. The receiver No. 549, with cord No. 2036, is of the same construction as is used for hand micro-telephones.

A separate battery box must be used, and box No. 420, which call be fixed onto the instrument, will be found suitable.

Weight 8.6 lbs.

Price 2 16s.

See also No. 306, No. 310, No. 311.

See also AB 100 which was the renumbered 305.


Taken from the Ericsson Telephone Catalogue 1903 and also in the 1897 Catalogue

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Last revised: May 21, 2022