Watertight wall instrument for LB Systems

DAT 1001
(replaces AB 2555)


This instrument is of watertight construction and enclosed in a black enamelled cast-iron box with door, opened by a handle. It is further provided with generator, but has no bell. The different parts of the instrument are mounted on a removable inset.

The transformer has a closed iron core of sheet alloy and is anti-sidetone connected, which in combination with the good properties of the handset ensures considerably better transmission qualities than those of earlier instruments of similar kind.

The generator is of a new type having small dimensions but giving great output. It is mounted on the middle panel of the inset and may be taken out for inspection.

The handset is held by a pair of chrome-plated metal pins, the upper one being held by a spring. The handset is furnished with rubber cable connected through a bushing with packing to a terminal block, which is accessible when the upper panel of the instrument is opened. On special order this instrument can also be supplied with extra receiver.

The batteries are located in a compartment at the left-hand side of the instrument, covered by a cast-iron panel with ventilation holes.

Handset RLF 1026 of black Bakelite with capsule transmitter RLA 1004, 40 ohm, and rubber cable TRS 2401, length 450 mm,
Transformer REK 10 101,
Generator RGH 5031,
Handle RGL 1010,
Two dry cells RK 190.

Height 380 mm, width 241 mm, depth 183 mm, weight 21.8 kg.

Suitable bells for these instruments are:
KLA 1204, KLA 1304 or KLA 1404 (replacing RA 153, RA 163 and RA 173) or watertight bells KLA 6204, KLA 6304 and KLA 6404.


Taken from the L. M. Ericsson Telephones and Signalling Material Catalogue No. 188 Supplement 5 (1938)

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Last revised: October 12, 2019