TELEPHONE No's DAN 1001 & DAN 1002

DAN 1001 & DAN 1002
Wall telephone instruments for LB systems

With the exception of the magneto the instruments comprises chiefly the same parts as a normal wall instrument for CB or automatic systems; this allows for using the instrument with but slight modifications when changing over to another system. The generator is of a new type having small dimensions but giving great output.

The transformer has a closed iron core of sheet alloy and is anti-sidetone connected, which in combination with the good properties of the handset ensures considerably better transmission qualities than those of earlier instruments of similar kind.

Normally the instrument is connected so that its own bell does not ring when calls are sent out, but the connection can easily be modified on the terminal block of the instrument in order to make the bell ring.

Each instrument requires two dry cells RK 210. A suitable battery case is RK 2300.

handset RLF 1022 of black bakelite with capsule transmitter RLA 1004, 40 ohm, and cord TRS 1401, length 1 250 mm, transformer REK 10 101,
generator, see table below,
handle RGL 1006,
case of black bakelite,
bell 1000 qhm, consisting of:
mechanism KLA 1 004,
low-tone gong 138 543/7,
high-tone gong 138 543/8, nuts for gongs 137 386/2,
gong supporter 209195,
angles for gong supporter 209 193,
screws for gong supporter G3 C5 M05.

Height 217 mm, width 151 mm. The dimensions refer to the back plate of the instrument.

Generator Magnets Weight kg
DAN 1001 RGH 5121 2 3.3
DAN 1002 RGH 5131 3 3.4


Taken from the L. M. Ericsson Telephones and Signalling Material Catalogue No. 188 Supplement 5 (1938)

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