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No's AB 2100, AB 2105 & AB 2120

Types AB 2100 - 2120

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AB 2100 AB 2015


Magneto Wall Telephones
All Steel Type
For use on magneto call and clear systems

FRAMEWORK, black enamelled steel, constructed to hold two dry cells, RK 210 or RK 350 (Old No. 972).

TRANSMITTER, RC 180 on adjustable arm RC 650.

RECEIVER. RD 600, with cord RS 4050 (Old No. 2383), suspended on a hook-switch.

GENERATOR, For type and number of magnets see table below.

These generators ring satisfactorily through a line resistance of 25,000 ohms.

RINGER. For resistance see table below.

These telephones have enclosed line terminals.

Overall dimensions
Height 22.25 inches
Width 12.00
Depth 8.60

Type   Generator type   Generator magnets   Ringer resistance   Weight in lbs.
AB 2100 RH 4400 4 300 17.2
AB 2105 RH 4400 4 1000 17.2
AB 2120 RH 5500 5 2000 18.1

Telephones AB 2105 and AB 2120 are provided with a press button for cutting out the ringer coils, and short circuiting the induction coil, the button to be pressed down while ringing.

If specially ordered, we supply these two telephones without the press button, but with the connections so arranged that the ringer is cut out when the generator is operated.


Taken from the Ericsson Telephone Catalogue 1912

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