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Type AB 135

Magneto Wall Telephone


ab135.jpg (14428 bytes)FRAMEWORK, polished walnut.

MICRO-TELEPHONE. RE 1050 (Old No. 52 9), with cord RS 6500 (Old No. 2601), resting on a cradle switch.

GENERATOR. RH 3150, 3-magnet, which rings satisfactorily through a line resistance of 20,000 ohms.

RINGER, 300 ohms resistance, with 2.5 inch gongs.

A protector of the disc type, and a clip for holding papers on the desk are fitted on this instrument. The line terminals are enclosed.

Overall dimensions
Height 19.25 inches
Width 11.80
Depth 9.25

Weight, 14.3 lbs.

 Taken from the Ericsson Telephone Catalogue 1912

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Last revised: September 29, 2019


eric6.gif (7121 bytes)