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AB 129
For manual LB Systems
Magneto wall telephone with Laryngotelephone

generator RH 3236, bell 1000 ohm, Laryngotelephone RE 9610 of black Bakelite with rubber insulated cord RS 6200, extra receiver RD 220 of black Bakelite with rubber insulated cord RS 4900, case of polished oak.

height 214 mm, width 166 mm, weight 4.7 kg.
The dimensions refer to the back plate of the telephone.

When the handle of the generator is turned the bell is cut out. The receivers are provided with leather pads.

Instruments with laryngotelephones are designed for use in places such as in engine rooms, power stations, etc. where disturbing noise makes it impossible to carry on conversation by means of ordinary micro-telephones. The Laryngotelephone has a special microphone which is held against the larynx during conversations. The speech oscillations are transferred direct to the diaphragm of the micro phone without disturbance from external noise. The speech as reproduced is perfectly clear and distinct. Two dry cells RK 210 are required. A suitable battery case is RK 2300.
micro-telephone RE 4032 of black Bakelite with removable capsule transmitter RC 4000/40, 40 ohm, and cord RS 6162, generator and bell according to the table below, case of polished oak.


Taken from the L. M. Ericsson Telephones and Signalling Material Catalogue No. 188 (1934)

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