PXML No. 44
APPROVAL No. S/1208/3/C/020912

The EARL was marketed by by BT North East Region and was not a portfolio product. The contract of June I983 committed the manufacturer to provide hardware support for 10 years from the date of delivery of the last system.
The system was made by Ericsson and was also called the Diavox 824 by GPT.

The Earl is a key telephone system with a maximum capacity of 12 exchange lines and 24 extensions. It has a free standing central control unit with box connection. Only Earl terminals may be used with the system, "Alpha", "Beta" and "Courier Alpha" terminals are available.
The "Alpha" terminal has a capacity for 8 lines, whilst the "Beta" only has provision for 2 lines.

Approved for direct connection to the PSTN (loop disconnect signalling only) or by working as a (List A) subsidiary system (loop disconnect signalling only) connected to a (List C) PBX.
The system will support Earth Loop or Time Break Recall.

The following software levels are approved for use with Earl:-
           TITLE      NUMBER             REVISION
           DMB 3      ROP 131396/3       9X
           DMB 4      ROF 137 5167/1-1   1X
           DMB 5      ROF l37 St67/2     R3X

Made by Ericsson Ltd
Viking House, HORSHAM, West Sussex, RH13 SQF
Telephone Number 01403 64166


Control Unit Cabinet                  OX     BFL 103202/O1002
Control Unit Cabinet                  OX     BFL 1092D2/O1005
Exchange Line Card       BTC 1-1      3X     ROF 131 354/1
Signal Processing Board   SPB         4X     ROF 131390/1
CPU Board                 CPU         7X     ROF 131395/1
Data Memory Board         DMB         9X     ROF 13l 396/3
DC/DC Converter 2         POW 2       1X     ROF 131529/l
DC/DC Converter 1         POW 1       1X     ROF 13l 667/5
Internal Link             LJC 2-1     2X     ROF 131 796/l
Prog Data Unit            PDU 3       SX     ROF 131817/3
Extension Card            ELC 2       2X     ROF 131844/1
Switching Network         SWN         1X     RVR 122 001
Alpha Telephone                       3X     DBA 192 002/02010
Beta Telephone                        3X     DBA 191001/O1010
Courier Alpha 12 Telephone            3X     DBA 693 002/02010
Courier Alpha 12 Loudspeech Telephone 4X     DBA 696 003/02010
NOTE - Lower  numeric  revisions  are  acceptable.
Alpha  element  (X)  can  stand  for  any  alphabetic  code.
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Last revised: November 23, 2021