From August to December 1994, 7 corded telephones were launched as an overhaul to the existing Relate and Vanguard ranges.  The new range has been split, within the BT portfolio, to have residential products (new Relates) separate from business products (new Converses).

New Relate range is; Relate 80, Relate 180, Relate 250
New Converse range is; Converse 100, Converse 180, Converse 250, Converse 400

The new Relate range listed above will support Time Break Recall ONLY. The new Converse range will support both Earth Loop and Time Break Recall. Earth recall is mechanical and as such, cannot be programmed into digit strings, unlike TBR. This also makes the new Converse range Renown and 2+8 compatible.

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Last revised: December 04, 2010