CONNECTOR No. 101/1A and 101/2A

The Connector No. 101 is used to connect portable apparatus to fixed cable.  The connector comprises of a plastic box with a frame for fixing plastic mouldings.  The plastic mouldings are used to make a connector plug on the end of the fixed cable.  The portable apparatus would then plug into this connector plug.

The Connectors comes in two variants.  The 1A has two plastic mouldings (white and yellow) and the 2A has three plastic mouldings.  Both had bags of gold pins to connect to the end of the fixed cable.  These pins were attached using special crimping pliers.

The Connector No. 101/1A was used on PMBX No. 2/3.
The Connector No. 101/2B was used on PMBX No. 2/4.

Connector 101 cover

Connector 101/1A showing the two plastic mouldings and gold pins
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Last revised: January 30, 2021