Taken from - http://www.switchedonuk.org/business/how/product/#product30 - 28th October 2007

Meter Pulse Facility (BT Retail) CPA

*Stop-sell date:

**Withdrawal date:
30/03/2007 (Pathfinder)
31/10/2007 (Phase 1)
01/03/2008 (Phase 2)
01/09/2008 (Phase 3)

Proposed replacement product options:

Called Party Answer (line reversal)

Key customer benefits
Called Party Answer (CPA) is a line feature replacement that is compatible with many types of CPE, e.g. call loggers, private payphones and small PBX's. Some older CPE may need to be replaced when Meter Pulse Facility is withdrawn.

Key functionality changes
CPA only indicates when the called party has answered. It does not provide subsequent metering information. Customers will need to check with their CPE suppliers to see if it is compatible with CPA. Alternatively, there are standalone CPE applications that do not require CPA. Loss of a low frequency 50Hz signal applied to both A/B wires simultaneously on a call part answer signal. The call party answer (line reversal) signal is seen as a suitable replacement as most CPE has the capability to work with both Meter Pulse Facility and Called Party Answer signals.

* Date after which new order from existing or new UK customers will no longer be accepted.
** Date at which service for the last UK customer has been ceased.  


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