CLOCK No. 32

B 1324
Issue 1, 8.10.38

Clock No. 32

1. Description
Clock No. 32 is provided for synchronizing 1 second dial clocks in conjunction with Clocks No. 30 and 36 (see B 1304).  The clock is illustrated in below and is connected in circuit in the manner indicated in diagrams GMT 26, 34, 35, and 36 or GMT 23 when used with Clocks No. 12 or 36 to synchronise a Clock No. 28.

2. Operation
One-second impulses from the pulse distribution circuit energize the electromagnet M attracting the armature A to the left.  To an extension of the armature is attached a spring controlled pawl P, which rotates a propelling wheel R, one tooth for each impulse received.  To the arbor of this propelling wheel are attached two disks Dl and P2; the foremost disk Dl rotates once a minute, and disk P2 once an hour.  In the periphery of each disk is a V-shaped notch situated at the index 60. Adjacent to these disks is a contact C1, which is normally closed in all positions of the disks except when the two notches are in alignment.  The contact C1 is then broken and the circuit through the electromagnet is interrupted.  The circuit remains broken until the Clock No. 30 reaches the hour, whereupon the circuit is completed by the release of the relay which provides an alternative circuit for driving the Clock No. 32. Contact C1 is remade upon receipt of the next impulse.

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Last revised: April 06, 2022