CLOCK No. 11

B 1123
Issue 2, 3.5.56

Clock No. 11

1. Description
Clock No. 11 is an 8 day timepiece fitted with a spring-driven chain and fusee movement similar to that of Clock No. 3, which is described in B 1122. The movement is housed in a circular polished mahogany case.  The clock has two 12in. dials and is used in special locations.

2. To expose movement
First remove the hands of the auxiliary dial (i.e. the dial without the winding key hole), then remove the pins which secure the dial to the movement and, finally, remove the four wooden pegs situated on the sides of the case. The auxiliary dial, mount, and body of the case can then be withdrawn and the movement exposed.

3. Mounting
Clock No. 11 must be specially mounted by means of iron brackets fitted on top of the clock or be suspended from above by suspension rods made locally as required. The special mounting is required because the clock has doors in the sides and bottom.

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Last revised: December 30, 2021