Claudius II is a device for use by people with impaired speech. Up to 48 phrases of variable length can be digitally recorded via an in-built microphone. The phrases are stored under selected keys and can be replayed through a loudspeaker or down a telephone line. Phrases may also be linked together. It may also be used in face-to-face conversations as it is portable and has self-contained rechargeable batteries.
In addition, Claudius II has four special emergency keys which can replay four special help phrases.
The total length of all phrases, including the emergency phrases, is 256 seconds.

Made by Hosidon Besson, Ryde, Isle of Wight

Distributed by BT Order Direct only

Claudius II is customer installable via a line doubler which is supplied with the device.

Claudius is approved under the following approval number S/100013/N/502657

Claudius 2 - BT Item code 870546
Transformer unit 752 - BT Item code 870471


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Last revised: November 29, 2010