Berkshire SD13 telephone


The Berkshire SD range has been styled to give smooth, sleek lines that will fit into any business environment. The handset is slim and easy to hold while concealed fittings provide a smooth finish.

However many calls you make, the numbers on the keypad won’t wear off or fade. The Berkshire SD telephone has ergonomically designed two shot moulded buttons which means that the Berkshire will stay looking good forever.

Whether it is connected to a PBX or Direct Exchange line, the Berkshire SD is the reliable option you simply cannot afford to ignore. A simple four position slider switch can increase ringer volume and, an LED gives visual ringing indication. Alternatively as an option this LED can also be supplied for use as a message waiting indicator. Function buttons are differentiated from the standard keypad so that they are easy to identify. The self-locking mute button allows you to move away from the telephone to reach for documents, or confer with colleagues in privacy. The mute button indicator lamp always lets you know when the facility is active. The Last Number Redial feature has been enhanced by the addition of another function key (Save Number Redial) allowing you to save a particular number. Save Number Redial is ideal for storing a frequently used number associated with a special project or customer. The button offers a single phone number store position which is not lost when other numbers are keyed.

Approval Number: S/1284/3/T/502971



Berkshire SD4 RD telephone

The Ascom Berkshire SD4 RD has been specially designed with four memory keys, in place of a standard number keypad, for customers requiring restricted dialing applications. This makes the Berkshire SD4 RD an ideal choice where it is desirable to limit call access from a particular telephone, whilst ensuring the calls are directed to specific areas.

Berkshire SD4 - Features
Berkshire SD4 - User Guide


Berkshire SD14 - Features
Berkshire SD14 - User Guide


Berkshire SD30 telephone

The Berkshire SD30 Telephone offers headset compatibility with Berkshire functionality and the option of the Record / Monitor Connector, which allows connection of suitable recording and/or monitoring equipment to the handset, as well as to the headset. The headset option is simple to operate, being activated at the press of a button to either answer or make a call and deactivated at the end of the call, by pressing the same button. Swapping a call from handset to headset is easily achieved by a single button press; alternatively a call may be passed from headset to handset simply by raising the handset, as this switches off the headset.

Berkshire SD30 - Features
Berkshire SD30 - User Guide

Made in Britain at Ascom’s factory in Cardiff, the Berkshire SD range has a  the ten year warranty.

Feature list SD4 RD SD13 SD30
Multi Frequency (MF)
Loop Disconnect (LD)
Earth Loop Recall (ELR)
Timed Break Recall (TBR)
Last number redial
Save number redial
Locking microphone mute
Locking mute LED
Tone caller volume control
Tone caller pitch control
4 position volume ringer
Visual call indicator
Headset compatibility
Indicator light for active headset
Transfer between headset and handset
Headset receive volume control
Record monitor connector
Message waiting lamp
Inductive coupler
Wall bracket
Available in Polar White, Grey, Beige or Bright White.
Option, to be specified at time of enquiry/order

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Last revised: April 30, 2021