As a special service to customers, the Berkshire MR range of handsets can be pre-programmed to make the most of an existing PBX or Centrex system to help generate added value through the programmable features built into the handsets. They can be customised with company logos in addition to the pre-programming.

These were manufactured by Ascom in South Wales.

Berkshire MR10 Berkshire MR10 User Guide

Berkshire permanent
Memory telephone MR13

High quality, low price and fully flexible.
The MR13 is a basic telephone additional features, normally only available on handsets costing much more. There are 13 EEPROM memories (12 named, plus one additional). These memories can be user programmed Ė but a factory programming facility is also available. Users can choose the settings for tone and volume of the ring and also the level of speech in the handset, plus there is a visual call indicator. Other attractions of the MR13 include a locking microphone mute with LED indicator, Last Number Redial, Follow-on Call and a Pause Facility.

Berkshire MR12 and MR13 User Guide


Berkshire MR20
Berkshire MR20 User Guide

Berkshire On Hook
Dialling telephone MR21

Features at your fingertips.
One button access to a wide range of features Ė thatís the beauty of the MR 21. The 20 memories are held in a non-volatile memory chip so there is no danger of loss of stored numbers even when the handset is disconnected. When factory pre-programmed and software locked, services such as Voice Mail, Call Divert and Call Waiting can be easily accessed. Suitable for both Direct Exchange Lines and PBXs, the MR21 offers Last Number Redial in addition to Save Number Redial. There is also a locking mute button enabling internal privacy and discretion when required with an LED indicator to confirm that privacy is active. The On-Hook Dialling feature adds the advantage of handsfree dialling.

The Berkshire Network
Services telephone MR22

Efficiency on the button.
The Berkshire MR22 shares the same features as the MR21 with additions. So users can enjoy services such as Voice Mail, Call Divert, Call Waiting, Last Number Redial, Save Number Redial, Hands Free Dialling and a locking mute button. Four of the memories built into the MR22, extend its communication capabilities. Simplicity of use is a feature of these memories, as functions are easily accessed via a Press On / Press Off button and LEDs provide a reminder when features are active.

The Berkshire Full
Handsfree telephone MR23

Handsfree communications flexibility.
With a full loudspeaking facility (including a lockable mute control when conversations need to be kept discreet), this Berkshire telephone also features a comprehensive array of advanced communications features. There are 20 EEPROM memories; 10 direct and 10 accessible via the shift button and memory buttons are programmable either at the factory or by the individual user. There is full control over the ringer volume and tone and communication features such as Last Number Redial and Save Number Redial are included.


The Berkshire Headset telephone MR30Headset communications.
The Berkshire MR30 has 20 memory keys and headset compatibility, making it an excellent choice for receptionists and anyone handling a high volume of call traffic requiring onward routing. The Berkshire MR30 has features that ensure ease of use and flexibility, including the option of the Record / Monitor Connector, which allows connection of suitable recording and/or monitoring equipment to the handset, as well as to the headset.

The twenty memory keys on the Berkshire MR30 can be factory pre-programmed if required, to facilitate quick and easy re-routing of calls to frequently used numbers. The flexible nature of the Berkshire MR30 gives the option of using either the handset or a headset, with calls being easily transferred between the two, using the HS button to turn the headset on and off. When using the headset option, the earphone volume is adjustable via a volume control on the telephone.

The Berkshire MR30 is suitable for use with most leading headsets (contact Ascom for more information).


The Berkshire Caller Display
telephone MR41
Advanced technology identifies your caller.
Using the latest CLI (Calling Line Identity) technology to display the incoming callerís name and number (when available), the Berkshire MR41 can also provide one button access to a variety of network operator services. Information on the last 25 calls received will be retained in a Call Register and can be displayed. Return calls can be made directly from the display screen. 20 of the most frequently used numbers can be stored by name and number (once programmed, they are stored securely, even if the phone is disconnected). There is a special Centrex operation feature allowing single press button return calls to be made to those numbers in the call register. Meeting all necessary international regulatory standards, the MR41 is a dual standard handset suitable for all network and cable operators.


Berkshire MR51Headset compatible business telephone with CLI and hands free facility.
  • Tone dialling MF
  • Earth/time break recall ELR/TBR
  • Hands free speech and on-hook dialling
  • Headset socket
  • 20 name and number memories
  • Calling line identification – displays number, name if stored in directory, 25 name and number callers log including time and date
  • 'New call logged' indicator lamp
  • Save number redial
  • Mute - locking microphone mute, microphone mute LED
  • Ringer volume control
  • Ringer pitch control
  • Message waiting indicator
  • programmed PABX, PSTN or Centrex feature keys - recall/transfer & divert, ring-back voicemail, do not disturb, transfer to busy and pick-up

Berkshire MR61Features as MR51, except:
  • 46 name and number memories


Fifteen years ago, Ascom made a commitment to the UK market by insisting on British design and manufacture of its products. There has been a multi-million pound investment in a highly sophisticated factory in St. Mellons, near Cardiff and with advanced manufacturing processes and stringent quality assurance, Ascom is able to offer a 10 year warranty on most of its range of Berkshire telephones.

Ascom is dedicated to communications and has demonstrated its ability by consistently achieving recognition at home and abroad for innovation, quality and expertise. The £20million Ascom facility in Cardiff is one of the most advanced design and manufacturing plants of its kind, meeting and exceeding all relevant European quality standards (including BABT certification) and the whole site is approved to BS/EN//ISO 9002. There is also significant strength in depth, thanks to a unique balance of design capability and manufacturing capacity. This gives customers the reassurance that there will also be superb after sales service and technical support.

With the highest confidence in the design and manufacture of British built telephones to the highest specification, Ascom is proud to offer a 10 year warranty on most Berkshire products. Itís more than a promise of quality, itís a guaranteed fact.

Feature list MR Telephones MR 13MR 21MR 22MR 23 MR 30MR 41
Last number redial
Save number redial
Locking microphone mute
Microphone mute LED
Ringer volume control
Ringer pitch control
Visual call indicator
Message waiting (CLI) indicator
Message waiting (PBX) indicator
Permanent memory stores (EEPROM)13202020 2020
Name & number memory
Memory lock
Direct access stores
LCD display
On-hook dialling
Full handsfree speech
Receive volume adjust
Active feature reminder
Incoming call number display
Incoming call name display
Incoming call register
All calls / unanswered call selection
Call register new call indicator
Date and time display
Call timer
Centrex access code inserter
Single button redial from register
Headset receive volume control
Plug in headset connection
Headset compatability
Wall bracket
Desk bracket
Modempoint bracket
Inductive coupler
Record/Monitor connection
RJ45 plug
Colours available in Polar White or Bright White
Option, to be specified at time of enquiry/order

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