For use with Tele. No. 246, Black or phonogram terminations of Automatic or C.B. manual exchange lines or P.B.X. extensions. at the Western Union Telegraph Companies offices.

Bakelite covered and similar to Bellset No. 26 but with the addition of Coil Induction No. 27 (shown to the right of the bell ringer).  This is a later Bellset and the capacitor (shown to the left of the bell ringer) on the older model would be square and not cylindrical.

Used with Telephone No. 246 & Headset No. 1 in Auto and CB areas.

Bellset includes (1946 and 1956):-
1 x Bell No. 59A, Unmounted.
1 x Bell-gong No. 2, Nickelled.
1 x Bell-gong No. 2A, Nickelled.
1 x Clip No. 29.
1 x Coil, Induction, No. 27.
1 x Condenser, M.C., No. 102 (1946) or 1 x Capacitor, Paper, No 7705 (1956).
2 x Parts, No. 2/SSC/17.
1 x Parts, No. 1/SGU/1 (Black)
1 x Parts, No. 1/SCO/1 (Black)
2 x Washers, Locking, No. 1210 (1946) or 2 x Washers, Locking, No. 1-2 BA (1956).

Circuit diagram - N537.

Adjustment of Magneto bells

Interior view Exterior view

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