Bakelite cased Bellset which superseded the wooden Bellset No. 1 but was similar electrically.  Fitted with a capacitor (shown to the left of the bell ringer), a two winding induction coil (shown to right of the bell ringer) and a bell ringer.  The ringer mechanism is a Bell No. 59A (twin 500 ohm ringer coils).

The Bakelite covers were generally supplied in black, but could also be green, red or ivory.

Used on non-ASTIC telephones i.e. Candlesticks and Telephone No. 162.

Diagram N525.

Adjustment of Magneto bells

Click here for the difference between a Bell and a Bellset


Additional Pictures

Interior view of Bellset
Components are left to right - Capacitor - Ringer - Induction Coil
View of base
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Last revised: December 29, 2018