AMP & LS No. 6A

The Amplifier and Loudspeaker 6A is a line powered amplifier for monitoring incoming speech and is mounted in an Ambassador style case. Used as a waiting amplifier. The marketing name for this item was the Speakerset 3.
The unit is brought into use by operating the on-off switch. This will disconnect the associated telephone and light the LED to show that it is in use. A volume control is provided to enable users to adjust the output from the loudspeaker.
Line current is only drawn whilst the unit is switched on and should be within the range 20 to 165mA for satisfactory operation. The LED indicator may appear dim or not light up at all if the voltage applied to the unit drops below 15 Volts when in use.

Superseded Amp & LS No. 5 and used integrated circuits.

Made by Fidelity Radio Ltd.


Amplifier and Loudspeaker 6A, Grey 411069
Cord Connecting 4/500 Grey, 3000mm 512233


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Last revised: September 27, 2010