AMP & LS No. 16A

The Amplifier and Loudspeaker Unit 16A, sales name Melody, is a line powered add-on unit providing hands-free, voice-switched loudspeaking telephone facilities.

The case of the Amplifier and Loudspeaker 16A is designed in the same style as the Ambassador telephone and is available in dark Brown or mid-Grey.
The unit has three controls on the face plate:-
1. The on-off switch is used to connect the unit to line
2. The mute switch disconnects the internal microphone.
3. The slide switch adjusts the loudspeaker volume.

Switches 1 and 2 have a locking action and associated LED's that show when the switches are operated.

The Amp & Ls 16A is line powered and requires no external power supplies. Line current is drawn only when the unit is in use and should not be less than 20ma for satisfactory operation.

Made by Whiteley Electronics Ltd.


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Last revised: September 27, 2010