TELEPHONE No's 9515 & 9525

Telephones 9515AR and 9525R are similar in appearance to Viscount 12 telephones but incorporate user accessible signalling (LD/MF) and recall (Earth/Timed Break conversion switches).  They are known as Viscount Dual Signalling.

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The facilities offered by Telephones 9515AR and 9525AR are as follows:-

  1. Loop Disconnect pulsing or MF 4 signalling.
  2. Earth Loop or Timed Break recall.
  3. Secrecy Holding down the `S' button will cut-off outgoing speech without affecting incoming speech.
  4. Incoming calls signalled by tone caller with adjustable volume control.
  5. 10 Address Memory (Tele 9525AR only, each keypad digit button can store a telephone number up to 18 digits long).
  6. Last Number Re-Dial (21 Digits).
  7. There is no PABX access pause facility with Telephones 9515AR or 9525AR, access digits must be keyed before pressing the MR button. The telephone will Then pulse the remaining (exchange line) digits to line.

Made by STC Ltd

Available from BT on sale or rental terms.

Viscount telephones 95l5AR and 9525AR may be used on PBXs approved for use with telephones in categories 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11.

Viscounts 95I5AR and 9525AR both have a Ringer Equivalence number (REN) of 1.
Telephone instruments (BT and non BT supplied) are required to be labelled with their REN so that users do not exceed the permitted maximum number of ringers in circuit. A telephone with a REN of 1 has a ringer performance comparable to that of a standard instrument (tele 8746), the total REN value of all ringers connected at any time at an installation must not exceed 4.
The REN does not guarantee compatibility between ringers of different technologies on the same installation.

Viscount 9515AR & 9525AR telephones are supplied with a line cord terminated with a plug 43lA for use in Phone Socket installations.

A plastic peg is supplied with the telephone, this should be fitted to the gravity switch plunger to prevent the handset from falling off the cradle when the instrument is wall-mounted. The peg is fitted by pushing the two prongs into the holes in the plunger and snapping of the excess lug. The line cord may be re-routed along the retaining channels on the base of the instrument, alongside the handset cord if required. A 300 mm line cord is also available for wall mounted use.

Signalling and Recall settings
The switches for these are found beneath a black plastic cover fitted to the base of the telephone.



Telephone 95l5 AR, White 877125
Telephone 9525 AR, Beige 877126
Telephone 9525 AR, Grey 877127
Cord Connecting 4/506 5000mm Cream 512303
Cord Connecting 4/506 3000mm Charcoal 512300
Cord Connecting 4/506 3000mm Cream 512301
Cord Connecting 4/506 3000mm 429635
Cord Connecting 4/506 3000mm Cream 429636
Cord Connecting 4/507 200mm Charcoal 429613
Cord Connecting 4/507 200mm Cream 429614
Transducer 5A (mic/Receiver inset) 429610
Viscount Button 2A 429644
Holder Label 1A (Label cover)   429623


Telephones 9515AR and 9525AR each draw typically 28ma on-hook line current on a 50 volt line to retain stored number memory. This may give apparent 'Low loop' line test conditions.

As with other modern press button telephones, the electronic keypad and transmission circuitry may appear to give High Resistance telephone loop test conditions.
Idle - Normal capacitor Loop test conditions via the master socket and tone caller circuit.

Limited Edition Viscount

The pictures below show a Bronze coloured Viscount that was sold as a limited edition to celebrate the 5 million Viscount telephones supplied to British Telecom


Limited Edition pictures supplied by Phill Dolphin


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