Standard CBS No. 1 wall telephone with no magneto generator.

Wooden Local battery telephone with sloping writing shelf.

The set shown to the right was made by Ericsson.

A later version was made, the Mk 238, which was oblong in shape (see pictures below).

Fitted with a Transmitter No. 2 although earlier types had a Transmitter No. 6.

Circuit diagram - Web users click here - CD users click here

This telephone could also work on CBS No. 2 & 3 exchanges by the addition of a capacitor.

Telephone No. 11 was the magneto equivalent.

Drawing No. 8830

Supplied by Ericsson, their Model N20141

Later version - this picture has the receiver missing and the mouthpiece is wrong Inside the telephone - the silver cylindrical object 
is a modern style capacitor
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Last revised: March 25, 2013