DP 2000



  • Call Diversion - Allows incoming calls to be diverted to a user defined numbers.
  • Call barring - Allows all incoming or outgoing calls to be barred from specific lines.
  • Selective call barring - Allows certain types of calls to be barred from lines, either on a permanent or temporary basis.
  • Conference calls - Allows three way conversations with yourself and two incoming calls.
  • Calling Line Identity (CLI) - The display shows an incoming callers number before you lift the handset.
  • MSN's - MSN's can be allocated to devices connected to the DP2000, such as fax machines or modem.
  • Speed dial keys - There are 6 speed dial keys for storing frequently used numbers.
  • Loudspeaker button - Used for handsfree operation (with volume control button).
  • Analogue Port - Allows connection of an analogue modem/fax machine.
  • Last number Redial
  • Mute - Allows you to mute the microphone so the caller cannot hear what you are saying.
  • Date and Time - You can display the date and time, even during a call, by pressing the DATE button.
  • Hotline - Allows you to bar all outgoing calls except a hotline number.
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Last revised: December 06, 2010